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                  Deletion Of Inactive Members

Why do we delete inactive Members?

Most of the reputable Paid-Email companies delete inactive members. This practice ensures a much better program for Advertiser and Members. Inactive Members affect both parties in different ways.

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How do inactive Members affect other Members?

Inactive Members receive the paid emails that you are waiting for. Letís say we send out a 10,000-email mailing. If only 5,000 of those people are active with valid email addresses that means that 5000 emails were sent to inactive Members. Those 5000 emails could have gone to good Members that are eagerly awaiting ads. Instead, some good Members get nothing from us on that day.

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How do inactive Members affect Advertisers?

Most Advertiserís look for a great response from the very first mailing. If we have many inactive Members, then the first response will not be as good as it can be. Therefore, the Advertiser is a bit disappointed. we have to spent more time to send the advertiser emails to other members and this time can be utilised to bring more advertisers.
This brings us right back to how inactive Members affect other Members. If Advertisers are disappointed often enough then they stop advertising with us. If that were happen then no one gets any ads. This is bad for all the good Members that are doing their part for the success of themselves and this site.

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Can Premier Members be deleted for inactivity?

Yes. When you pay to upgrade to Premier Membership, you are a Premier Member for the life of your Membership. Your Membership is only good for as long as you abide by our Membership Agreement. Our Membership Agreement states that you must be active at least once every 15 days or your account will be deleted.

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Are the inactive Members at least given a warning before they are deleted?

They will be given One warning, we want to be fair to everyone.

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What should I do if I am away from my computer for long time ?

If you will be away from your computer for more than 10 days, Please set your account to vacation account (option available in members' area). Please note that any member who do not click on links for more than 45 days his account will be deleted from the system.

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What should I do to remain active ?

You must visit at least one email link (Paid EMail or Point Email or Non Paid Email) in 10 days and If you are going on vacation please login to your account and set it to Vacation.

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Inactive Members make for a poor initial response to mailings.

Poor response disappoints Advertisers.

A frequently disappointed Advertiser stops ordering.

Less orders means less ads for you.

A poor initial response means that we need to send the ad out more often.

Some emails go to inactive Members instead of good Members anxiously awaiting them.

Members are not purged without warning.

The regular deletion of inactive Members is a necessary practice.

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